Borgholm Castle is a location for the whole family. Explore the exciting castle environments and the exhibitions together. We also have specific children’s activities adapted to the season. Read more about what happens here during the year.

13 August – 6 November: The Castle treasure hunt

According to legend, there is a magic chest containing a large treasure left behind at the castle. This myth has lived on throughout the years. Now it is time for you to find the secret password to the chest. When you have the password you can try to open the treasure chest and find out what is inside.

7 October – 6 November: The bats´secret

The bats live here at Borgholm Castle. During the day they sleep hanging up-side-down from the roof in the basement. But during the night they fly around and know all about the Castle.

Now, they have left secret symbols in the Castle. With the help of a map and the key to the code, the children can find the symbols and figure out the bats´secret.

Summer 2023: The Childrens´Castle adventure

Join in and solve exciting missions and be dubbed by the princess and the knight. At different stations, the children are faced with tricky tasks such as shooting a bow, riding a rail horse, crossing the activity course without touching the ground, challenging the castle knights, looking for letters in various nooks and crannies in the castle to solve a tricky puzzle and reach the treasure chest and, finally, pulling the sword out of the stone.